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Whatsapp Rojo Review on android

20/10 -22 03:32 Donna


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The Whatsapp Rojo app is a free third-party application that adds extra features to the WhatsApp application. It lets you send and receive high-resolution multimedia messages and photos. It also adds new emoticons and themes. The app is compatible with most Android devices. It is available for download in the Google Play Store.

This application can also be customized to fit your personal tastes. It can send bigger files like movies and archivos. In contrast, the original version of WhatsApp has a small file size limit. Users can also customize the app to be the exact color that they want. It also supports encoding movies and files in various formats.

Another great feature of WhatsApp Rojo is the ability to use two accounts simultaneously. With the application, you can send files of up to 50MB without compromising security. You can also block unwanted contacts. It also allows you to associate multiple phone numbers with the same account. It also supports music and video sharing.

WhatsApp Rojo is a messaging application for Android. It is not available on the official WhatsApp store but can be downloaded from third-party app stores. This application is free to download. It features different color schemes and iconos. You can also customize the appearance of your chats with this application. It can protect your identity from being stolen or hacked.


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